Holiday Verses

’Twas the day before Christmas
and at Chick-Fil-A.
I was wrapping up writing,
near ending my day.

Real Investing Journal
was almost ready to send.
Yet, something was missing;
a thought not yet penned.

I suddenly noticed
Christmas songs from the ceiling
and needed to share
the thoughts I was feeling.

A holiday greeting was just
what was needed.
So, back to the keyboard
my fingers proceeded.

To write a mere note
just felt too mundane.
I thought and I pondered,
ideas filled my brain.

Nothing seemed right.
I hated to bore.
I finally decided;
I'd mimic Clement Moore.

His classic poem is in
the public domain.
So, no litigation
could I then inflame.

As we near the end of this
incredible year.
I wanted to thank all our friends,
far and near.

We are glad that you listen
to our weekly productions
and happier still when you
share introductions.

There’s just one small gift 
that we are requesting.
Please help spread the truth
about real investing.

If we can do that throughout
the new year at hand.
The difference in lives
could be more than grand.

Keep helping us spread
the real money word.
Great futures to many 
will then be conferred.

My holiday missive must
now reach its end.
There’s an e-mail newsletter
that soon I must send.

So, here I conclude,
wishing you Christmas cheer.
Let’s build better destinies
throughout the next year.

Don McDonaldComment