Q&A: Finding an Advisor


My question, being from the New York city area, (there are hundreds to choose from), I was wondering if you know of any CPAs and CFPs that you recommend or could refer.


inding an advisor does seem daunting. To begin, you want to make sure your advisor is both a fiduciary and believes in academically-based investing, as we do. There is a great starting resource available through Dimensional Funds (DFA). DFA advisors have been carefully vetted and have agreed to operate under Dimensional's scientific constructs.

You can find the DFAs Find an Advisor form at http://www.dfaus.com/find_advisor/

Once you have selected an advisor, you should also ask them to please fill out our Advisor Interview Form.

If you have a hard time finding someone you like, our firm, Vestory advises clients nationwide at one of the lower fee structures around (0.25% to 0.90% annually).

You can find more information about Vestory at http://vestory.com.

Finding a CPA is another issue entirely. For one of those, I would look to friends and acquaintances for referrals.

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