Extra Ed

A plethora of new educational resources will be coming your way over the next few months. A new smart phone app is in the works. Tom and I are working on a new book about 401k and 403b plans. Two new series of classes are in the works, along with much more.

To get you started, I just finished producing the first video in our “basics of investing” series; “FiFyFYI,” based on my book, Financial Fysics. This short, 4-minute video, explains my first law of “fysics;” explaining the three ways to make money.

Our next class in the “FiFyFYI” series will be an explanation of risk. Soon after, I’ll start work on a separate series of more advanced investing classes, “VestorEd.” These “Moneyvision” presentations will explain the science behind the investing concepts that drive our portfolio management.

We invite your input, as we want these classes to address your questions about money and investing. Please leave a comment below of drop us a note.

Watch FiFyFYI 1

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